WebVR Planetarium

by XRtemplates in , , , on 25 November 2020

Created by Mozzila

WebVR Starter Kit: Make Your Own Deep Space Planetarium

It’s still a solar system, it’s just not our solar system. This planetarium is a deep space planetarium. Procedural means it uses code to generate elements, so each time you refresh you get a new look to your system.

A-Frame is an easy way to build your own WebVR (Web Virtual Reality) scenes. You don’t need to install anything and scenes can be made with simple HTML. Our starter kits have code that can be easily remixed to create their own scenes.

This is the fourth of four projects in our WebVR starter kit. The other projects include:

  1. 🌎starter-aframe: Get started with your first A-Frame scene
  2. starter-aframe-fancy: Add textures, models, and learn more about A-Frame’s magic!
  3. 💞starter-aframe-animated: Add animations and lighting



Release Information

  • Released

    25 November 2020

  • Last Updated

    7 December 2020

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