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Tilt Brush

by XRtemplates in , on 28 January 2021

Created by Icosa Gallery. Under Apache-2.0 License

Open Brush – A Tilt Brush fork  

Open Brush is an active, in-development fork of the original Tilt Brush project which has now been archived. 

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Building the application

Get the Tilt Brush open-source application running on your own devices.


  • Unity 2018.4.11f1 (Unity 2019.4.18f1 for this fork)
  • SteamVR
  • Python 3 (Optional — needed only if you wish to run the scripts in the Support/bin directory) Tested with Python 3.8.

Changing the application name

Tilt Brush is a Google trademark. If you intend to publish a cloned version of the application, you are required to choose a different name to distinguish it from the official version. Before building the application, go into App.cs and the Player settings to change the company and application names to your own.

Please see the Tilt Brush Brand Guidelines for more details.

Running the application in the Unity editor

Follow these steps when running the application for the first time:

  1. Start Unity.
  2. Go to File > Open Scene. \
  3. Select /Assets/Scenes/Main.unity. Unity should automatically prompt you to import TextMesh Pro.
  4. Choose Import TMP Essentials.
    You can also do this through Window > TextMesh Pro > Import TMP Essential Resources.
  5. Press Play.

These steps have been tested with Release 1.0.54.

Building the application from the Unity editor

Although it’s possible to build Tilt Brush using the standard Unity build tools, we recommend using a build script to ensure the application builds with the correct settings. To run this script, go to Tilt > Build > Do Build, or build from the Tilt Brush build window by navigating to Tilt > Build > Build Window.

Note: The application may take a while to build the first time.

Building the application from the Windows command line

Use the build script in the Support/bin directory to specify the target platform and the build options you wish to enable. Run build —help to see the various build options.

Enabling native Oculus support

Note: Tilt Brush is a Google trademark. If you intend to publish a cloned version of the application, you are required to choose a different name to distinguish it from the official version.

Tilt Brush targets SteamVR instead of Oculus by default. Follow these steps to enable native Oculus support:

  1. Enable the Oculus desktop package in the Package Manager.
  2. Install the Oculus Unity Integration.

Note: The above link goes to version 27.0 which is the current latest version. You only need to include the Platform and VR subdirectories when you import.

  1. If you see a dialog about upgrading the Unity Oculus plugin, click Accept.
  2. In the Standalone tab of the Player settings, go to Other Settings and define OCULUS_SUPPORTED in Scripting Define Symbols. Add it to the end of the list and use a semicolon to separate it from the previous define commands.

Building your app for Oculus Quest

Follow these steps to build your app for Oculus Quest:

  1. Set up your machine for Oculus Quest Development.
  2. Make sure the following are set in Unity:
    • Tilt > Build > SDK: OVR
    • Tilt > Build > Platform: Android
    • Tilt > Build > Runtime: Mono
  3. Navigate to Tilt > Build > Do Build.
  4. Find the generated executable. It will most likely be somewhere under ../Builds/OculusMobile_Release_OpenBrush_FromGui/.
  5. Run adb install com.Icosa.OpenBrush.apk.

Note: Add your new scene files’ names to the list scenes defined in the DoBuild method (string[] scenes = {…} ) in BuildTiltBrush.cs under ../Assets/Editor/ before building. If you didn’t, your app won’t be built with those scenes even if they are put on Scenes In Build in Build Settings.

Read more on the Github page: link


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Release Information

  • Released

    28 January 2021

  • Last Updated

    21 May 2021

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