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by XRtemplates in , on 13 May 2018
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Created by Dhcdht. Under MIT License

Open Saber VR

Open Saber VR is an open source clone of the famous and fabulous game Beat Saber.

I started this project by accident and managed to get the main game logic up and running in 3 days. Thanks to the open source project beatsaver viewer I was able to get the blocks (notes) in sync with the beat!

Now you would maybe ask yourself what is a Beat Saber clone without any music? Yeah, you are right, it’s nothing. But I have some vey good answer to this. Because of the great and wide community of the Beat Saber modders and there custom songs, you can use ANY song from their website and it will work in Open Saber VR. So just go to their websites BeatSaverBeastSaber and download any song you want.

At the moment Open Saber VR only supports the notes (beat blocks). Obstacles and mines are not supported but will be added in the future.

If you are interested in helping/contributing to the project (no matter if you are a coding monkey or 3D artist or just have some ideas), feel free to contact me, I will be more than happy to have some help. You can find the complete source code here, so if you want to contribute, just have a look there.

Import songs

Just download any song from BeatSaver or BeastSaber and unzip it to the “OpenSaberVR_data/Playlists” folder. Make sure that each song has its own folder in the Playlists folder. After that run Open Saber VR and the song should be displayed in the menu.


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If you know how to play Beat Saber then you are good to go. If not then it’s really simple to play, just cut the notes (beat blocks) at the side where the glow bar is with the saber in the same color. The blue saber is the right hand, the red saber is the left hand. The notes will be only sliced if you hit with the correct saber on the correct side. Otherwise the block will just went through.

There is no energy or anything right now, so you can’t “loose” a game , the song will play until the end. Also there are no points right now, only some fun with the music.

After the song finished, just wait for 5 seconds and you will be pushed back to the main menu where you can select another song.


  • fully support for the songs from BeastSaber and BeatSaver


  • Only HTC VIVE is tested, but it should also run on a Oculus Rift or Windows Mixed Reality Headset with SteamVR. If you have one of these, let me know if it works.
  • This is an early development version, so expect some bugs

Feedback is welcome

Feedback is very welcome. If you have questions or ideas, then just leave a mail.

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Release Information

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    13 May 2018

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    10 January 2021

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