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by XRtemplates in , on 14 July 2021

Created by MATRIX. See Licence


A Virtual Reality Tool for Mathematical Modeling!

The template contains the open-sourced code to Calcflow, a powerful mathematical visualization tool designed to give students, educators, and engineers a better grasp on some of the most difficult concepts in vector calculus. Utilizing the best UI/UX theory, Calcflow is an intuitive VR interface for vector calculus and is used by scientists and engineers for both educational and commercial applications. Some core features:

  • Parametric graphing utility designed to map points in 2D space into 3D by defining (x,y,z) as a function of parameters u and v. Recent functionality also includes the ability to map from 1D to 3D.
  • Vector field utility
  • Cross product and vector addition modules rendered in real time as a user manipulates initial vectors
  • Double integral grapher

Why Calcflow?

Today, the most common tool for complex maths visualization in the classroom is the TI-84+. Scientists, researchers, and other professionals who implement calculus in their work may rely on more complex toolkits like MATLAB. Though these tools offer broader functionality, they are similarly if not more unintuitive than their handheld counterparts.


Visualization plays a crucial role in understanding, mastering, and improving upon mathematical concepts, but today’s standard interfaces frustrate and alienate many individuals, creating an excessively high barrier of entry to higher level math studies. Calcflow shatters this interfacial bottleneck by enabling users to interact directly with complex equations in physical space. Users can manipulate inputs and parameters and observe changes to 3D visualizations in realtime.

Getting Started


  • Programming Language: C#
  • Operating System: Windows
  • VR HMD: Oculus Rift or HTC Vive

Built With

  • Unity3D – The game engine platform used


Currently, the version is 5.6.2f1


  • Ethan Vander Horn – Lead Calcflow Developer – EthanVanderHorn
  • Edward Zhou – Lead Calcflow Developer – YangZ530
  • Jacqueline Bontigao – Lead UI Developer – Calcodeus
  • Max Howard – Matryx Developer – astrovicis
  • Sam Hessenauer – Engineering Project Leader – shessenauer


This project is licensed under the NANOME VR PRODUCT SUITE – see the file for details


  • We would like to thank John Eggers, Marc Loschen, and Kyle Lee for the initial development and support as well as all the developers who have been involved in this project. We also would like to thank the students involved in UC San Diego’s Summer Academy Vector Calculus course in 2016 and 2017 for providing the instrumental feedback necessary for Calcflow’s development.
  • We would like to honor Dr. Jeff Remmel for his contributions and advice over the years. It is sad news for everyone on the Matryx team because he helped us start Calcflow back when we first conceived of the project. He was a prolific mathematician and a passionate believer in STEM education. See this article for what other mathematicians at UC San Diego said about him.


Release Information

  • Released

    14 July 2021

  • Last Updated

    14 July 2021

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