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AR Quick Look examples

by XRtemplates in , on 2 December 2020

Created by Emanuel Tomozei. Under MIT License

AR Quick Look is a feature of ARKit, Apple’s augmented reality development platform for iPhone and iPad. It’s a tool that enables 3D object files – specifically the Pixar-developed USDZ file format – to be embedded onto any webpage as well as Apple’s pre-installed apps, including Safari, Messages, Mail, News, and Notes.

AR Quick also supports face tracking, animation and some basic interaction through Reality Composer. Reality Composer can export a .reality that can be embedded in the same way. Reality Composer can only import .usdz files, image files and audio file (no other 3D format).

Below is an example webpage that demonstrates these features.

Download the source files below.


Release Information

  • Released

    2 December 2020

  • Last Updated

    7 December 2020

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