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A gift from Google: Tilt Brush goes open source

by XRtemplates in News on 7 February 2021

The most popular virtual-reality application, Tilt-Brush, is handed over to the community of creators.

After recently closing down Poly, an online portal for hosting 3D models most commonly used for creating Virtual Reality experiences, Google steps back from VR again by discontinuing development for its popular VR painting application. Unlike Poly however, and perhaps driven by the backlash from the community after inexplicably closing down Poly, Google has decided to open source Tilt Brush, so the the support and development of the app can continue.

Improving Tilt Brush

While Google abandoning its VR plans might is not good news for the industry, the fact that Tilt Brush is now open source is alrady proving to be beneficial for the community. Multiplayer, the ability to have multiple users join the same virtual space, has been a feature long requested and ignored by Google. Already some creators have made progreess with making Tilt Brush multiplayer and we should expect to see a version released soon on the new Oculus app sharing platform, App Lab.

Downloading Tilt Brush for free

If you would like to start tinkering with the Tilt Brush Unity project to create your own VR painting app or just want to get a free copy of Tilt Brush, head over to our Tilt Brush Downloads page to get started.

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